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Just..shoot me now.

The other day, Dad left the fridge open, and Dillon inhaled an entire package of raw meat, leaving him with the stomachache from hell.

Fine the first night. Yesterday it was just...y'know, i'll spare you the details.

Last night i was up with him all night, running him out to the bathroom every hour (If i was that lucky).

1:00am, took him outside, and the sprinkles went off. I was soaked, Dillon was soaked, and my AC was on high blast.

Went to bed about 2:00am. Half hour later, out again.

Rinse and repeat..

5:30, had to go out with him, and didn't bother going back to sleep.

Set him and Charlie up in the kitchen with the dog gate, tied it shut, pushed things against the gate. They still got out.

8:30 i was just like... 'Know what, fuckit. i'm early. I'll go to Dunkin Donuts, relax, have breakfast and a drink."

Went out to the bus about 8:45 for an 8;55 bus.

Stood right at the sign.

Bus driver sees me, and blows right past.

Next bus is at 9:55. Would get me there...10:05-10:10 for a 10:15 class.

I had stuff to print for class, because our printer is shot.

Got in touch with mom, and we tried to get in touch with Dad, but we had the wrong work number.

Finally, got in touch. Dad's coming from work to drive me.

I feel like there's a reason i'm not supposed to get to class. But. Whatever.

I keep reciting 'Alexander and the Terrible horrible no good very bad day.'

Mom says some days are like that.

Even in Australia.

I wish i were in australia
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 I'm just...annoyed at myself right now.

Writing juices are just not flowing at the moment, between moving and moving and sickness and whatever.

But i owe people comment fic.. And i don't like being all I'M GONNA WRITE THIS.. *silence.*

See, this is what happens. Write regularly. Have my routine disrupted by moving across country, lose internet, and end up struggling.

I don't LIKE it.

So i have stuff on the backburner for [livejournal.com profile] x_shorty1013_x  [livejournal.com profile] zekkass  [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf etc etc

and classes start tomorrow.

and i'm all stressed. Not cause of school. I don't know. Don't like this, though.

It sucks.
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Called SCCC today 'cause i'm all, "Hey, i got an email that orientation for the day classes for the vet program was June 15th, is there a date for evening?"

"I sent it out afterwards."

*checks* "Never received that."

"The date for the evening classes is the same for the day classes."

Long pause.

"I understand. I'm going to be out of town during that time. Is there anything i can do?" in arizona, getting ready to move to NY

"Orientation is crucial. It's where you'll get your schedule, and register for classes. You'll be ad a disadvantage if you don't attend, since the staff will be leaving June 16th for vacation."

Yes, my life has gotten to the point where i express my emotions through images and gifs.

Emailed the head honcho, as suggested. Still having a freak out.

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Corny subject title is corny. i don't believe in God, or angels, or heaven, or whatever


Was feeling a little stressed today.

While the possibility of going back to NY even earlier than earlier made me giddy, family situations and realizing that i couldn't get the dogs on a flight due to new restrictions from Delta made me feel slightly anxious.

I don't know why i did it...my room was recently cleaned to near sparkling, but behind my bed i found a little stuffed cat that had been taken with a bunch of my grandmother's things after she passed.

Considering the stress in the family is due in great part to mounting tension between my parents and my uncle, and my grandmother was my paternal grandmother...i thought it was pretty coincidental.

I'd cleared my room pretty well, in my opinion, but never noticed the cat.

Yeah. The resemblance didn't go unnoticed on my end.

Not to mention my own little addition in [livejournal.com profile] note_to_cat on May 20th 

So, yeah. Coincidence, higher power, Somebody, Chuck...whatever.



May. 4th, 2010 01:34 pm
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 See, this is what happens when one is doing nothing for too long. You get restless, agitated...and then. Oh, boy, and then when the time comes to do stuff, you're all 'I'M DROWINING HEEEREEE'

Woke up early today so Dad could take me to get my (very, very long overdue) blood test.

Dad wasn't home.

until like...after 11.

Then i reminded him about the test, and he's like, "I have a phone interview in 5 minutes, then another one at 1:00. We'll go after."

Hate to tell him labs don't stay open as long as he thinks.

I was half tempted to ride my bike to the lab and do it myself like a big girl.

Then again, 90+ degrees, blood drawn, bike ride...maaybe not so much a good idea.

We're all kinda running around like chickens with our heads cut off, between searching for living accomodations, and me applying to schools. Calling schools, seeing if i can take pre-requisites online.

Hell, i don't even know if i got accepted to LCC.

Once said to [livejournal.com profile] soullessginger  that things were like "Being in the hospital when the wife is giving birth. You can't do much...just pace the halls. And wait."

See, i'm not a fan of not..knowing exactly where i stand. It gives me more stress.

Where are we going?

When are we going?

What college am i going to?

Long Island? Queens? Where are we living?

Warning: Digression.

I'm outside, and people are at the pool (my apartment is pretty much adjacent to it. Good for gossip), and this old guy calls to this younger woman, "Hey! Are you coming to my funeral?"

Woman: *totally confused* What?

Old Man: I was just wondering if you were gonna be at my funeral

Woman: Why would i..?

Old Man: I dunno. I thought maybe you'd like to make sure i was really dead or something.

Yeah. Totally random.

Uhm. Right. Two episodes left of SPN. and House. So part of me is like, "God, i hope we start moving/getting busy, because i don't think i could stand not having something to look forward to on Mon/Thurs."

(btw, Pat. You're still a dick for your Cas comment/pic. That was downright satanic. Bastard. I'm stressed and emo, dude)

Speaking of Supernatural, i was like, "Finally, i can read that one book i haven't read yet." But it ended up i did read it. Which was weird.

And i felt sad.

I need to screw my head on straight right now. 

Ramblin' Rose.

Oh, yeah. Things have been really peaceful in the household. Regarding me and Dad. Actually been...enjoyable. Lighter atmosphere. 

But the thing i was afraid of happening is happening.

With Dad, you give an inch, and he'll take a mile.

So now that we're on more or less companionable terms, i think he's starting to thing we're BFFs. At first, he treated me like an adult. Now he's starting to get...too buddy buddy. Like, blowing me kisses when we're watching House. Or whispering. "iiii'm gonna getchu. iii''mmm gonna getchu." Which, besides being kinda creepy, is being said like you would to a child.

Now me and mom have to sit down and discuss this with him, and the shit is going to hit the friggin fan. Watch the rare and elusive Davidus Fatherus shatter the illusion of peace.

In other news, tonight my friend Brian is hosting a Blu Ray movie at his place. Gonna watch Iron Man before we see IM2 in theaters next week.

Plus, this Saturday is Salt River Tubing. Thank Somebody.
yeah i've also been re-reading Good Omens, tyvm. It's my feel good book

So. Recipe for de-stressing at the moment

Good Omens.

Lotsa Jimmy Buffett

Music in general. I swapped my Zune HD for an iPod the other day. Lots more space...no need to be picky about what goes on it or not.

Oooh. YES! Loud people at the pool. That calls for some good gossip.

especially since one of them is a woman who adored my family...until she found out we were Jewish

Right, then. Back to the drawing board, i reckon.

Breathe in, Breathe Out, Move On

(Not that everything else hasn't been totally unrelated, but does anyone know why i can't freaking copy/paste stuff in a LJ Post in Google Chrome? Argh)



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