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Corny subject title is corny. i don't believe in God, or angels, or heaven, or whatever


Was feeling a little stressed today.

While the possibility of going back to NY even earlier than earlier made me giddy, family situations and realizing that i couldn't get the dogs on a flight due to new restrictions from Delta made me feel slightly anxious.

I don't know why i did it...my room was recently cleaned to near sparkling, but behind my bed i found a little stuffed cat that had been taken with a bunch of my grandmother's things after she passed.

Considering the stress in the family is due in great part to mounting tension between my parents and my uncle, and my grandmother was my paternal grandmother...i thought it was pretty coincidental.

I'd cleared my room pretty well, in my opinion, but never noticed the cat.

Yeah. The resemblance didn't go unnoticed on my end.

Not to mention my own little addition in [livejournal.com profile] note_to_cat on May 20th 

So, yeah. Coincidence, higher power, Somebody, Chuck...whatever.

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 Had a dream last night.

Someone was knocking at my door for a long time. Went to answer it. There was a Hispanic girl about my age with a backpack.

She said she heard i was moving away, and she wanted to give me a going away present.

 Dream Me had no idea who the hell she was, but Real Me did. Her name is Anna, and she adopted B.

She gave me the backpack and left.

I didn't need to look inside to know the cat was in there. But i remember wondering in the dream why she put him in a backpack when she had a perfectly good carrier.

Anyway, she ended up coming back. She changed her mind, and claimed i didn't deserve him because when i gave him up, i didn't say goodbye. Just put him in the crate at Petsmart, and turned away. 

Then we couldn't find him.

I must have psychological issues if after over a year, i still dream about the damned feline.

Also. It's Thursday.
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I don't..recall if I posted B's story on here, to be honest.

The original version has been worked to suit where it's been posted.

Here )


Also, reasons why computers SUCK:

I cannot find the video i'd taken of me and B, in the beginning.

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Dear B,

Been over a year, you know.

I need to ask a favor of you, buddy.

You have this tendency to show up in my dreams when I'm going through a rough time. And in those dreams, you're "mine."

Those are really, really nice dreams. I feel all warm and happy and fuzzy.

But waking up to reality is getting to be a bitch. If i'm going through a rough time, the last thing i need is any little pangs in my chest.

Yes, i know i should get over myself. Bygones be bygones. A year and all that.

Feel free to pop in another time, though. I love your little..dreamwalking visits.




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