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  • Come monday, it'll be alright. Come monday I'll be holding you tight
  • So...I might foster a cat.
  • GBB. Life is taken over forever
  • #Supernatural: Does anyone know who has the rights to the comics now that Wildstorm has gone all..bankrupt?
  • i love cold steak
  • #Twitition Get Ash (@ChadLindberg) back on Supernatural! http://twitition.com/gvjjq @awaywardangel
  • #Twitition The Queen to Give Stephen Fry A Knighthood! http://twitition.com/e2qu3 @tomcritchlow
  • Dillon starts his Lysodren tomorrow \o/
  • Dear wednesday morning: I shall spend you consumed in Gabriel Big Bangs.
  • I'm pretty sure my brain is broken
  • It is perfectly within my right to huddle under blankets and blame my mother for me not being born as a boy, right?
  • I love how that comment spawned X vs Y chromosome on my Timeline. You guys rule
  • I feel like my Timeline is about to go to war.
  • Oh, god. Here it goes. The @mishacollins devotees, and the @WyTVLive crew. I'm literally ripped in half, here
  • I doubt Sheen was claiming authorship on the book, but poking fun at his situation. JFC, world. But Misha has tweeted, so all scrape and bow
  • Getting off Twitter for a bit. Second hand embarrassment up the wazoo
  • Fascinating
  • Today was productive. I took my steps toward productivity. It felt amazing. now i'm crashing
  • way to band together, fandom. Way to go
  • I think i'll stick to fanfic from now on
  • Tumblr Background heals all wounds
  • Thankfully, emotional moose-tears=headache=tiredness= getting to sleep easily
  • I'm going to make a huge ass ice cream sundae. Even though i used up the chocolate syrup. Aw, fuck
  • Finished the cool whip for my bad ass mother freakin ice cream sundae. Dumped the empty container. Realized i dumped my sundae instead ;_;
  • I'm just gonna go to my whiteboard, and start tallying the shows i've been spoiled for tonight. Twitter, i wish i knew how to quit you
  • ooh. Mark Pellegrino on CSI Miami. Yes, please
  • So, either i get off Twitter and spare myself from the craziness and the spoiling. Good idea. But i'm an addict. Crap.
  • In other news. I bought a garbage can because ours broke. Mom was pleasantly surprised
  • yeeep. Slinking off to my at replies. Too many spoilers, too little time
  • oh, that feels..considerably better. Breathing is nice. Hello, tiny corner of @ replies
  • Can't wait to meet my new charge that will be joining the household for 10 days in April

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