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  • Well, now i'm all antsy because my co-worker said she's picking me up, but i never gave her my address. Now i'm just creeped?
  • and i'm off. later
  • Alpaca dumbass! http://plixi.com/p/81826667
  • Alpaca sweaters. That is all
  • I petted an alpaca. And it was cute. And soft. And goes mrrrr
  • That awkward moment when your co-worker steps out and the children you're with start hitting each other
  • My dogs are confused. I was around alot of animals today, including pigs and alpaca. They're not sure how to react
  • RT @WyTVLive: Tonight live on Wytv @charliesheen on http://bit.ly/fQNWxj 7pm be there
  • There's a Merlin/SPN crossover on Deancastiel. The universe in conspiring against me to continue my fic. Damnit
  • RT @bradwyman: #tigersblood loading up before the show @charliesheen @WyTVLive http://bit.ly/fQNWxj http://plixi.com/p/81862393
  • So, now that my timeline is being spammed with it...Sheen's ustream is the same as my..uh...peeps.. over at @WyTVLive, right?
  • Is there any petition out there to 'save' Pilgrim State from being turned into a strip mall? #LongIsland
  • or, you know...are they just going to let all of those buildings sit and rot forever
  • I'm actually still being grumpy and bitter over Pilgrim State. Not like i haven't *known*, but driving through today was just..mindblowing
  • I smell a huge jump in @WyTVLive viewship in the near future
  • You tell 'em! RT @duchess_rebecca: @Stage_Right @BreitbartVideo Y'know those are *my* producers and that's my channel!!?? @WyTVLive
  • RT @bradwyman: Getting close to Showtime @charliesheen live on http://bit.ly/fQNWxj Wytv hope you all watch
  • I just read something i would never, ever normally read due to squick purposes, but i was drawn to it. Couldn't look away. Now i know why
  • Shit, son. I forgot about the WAFFathon
  • So not used to not having the @WyTVLive chatroom. It's scary in there
  • Watching the Charlie Sheen livestream via @WyTVLive. Bit of a mindfuck everytime someone types 'Charlie' and 'LIVE' (@Fleischersuniv)
  • If my computer goes into meltdown over this ustream, @WyTVLive owes me a new one. And a cat. And an apartment. I'll settle for the cat, tho
  • Pretty glad there aren't more SPN fans in the charlie sheen ustream chat. Would hate to see their reactions to him being called 'overlord'
  • My Timeline has exploded with the Charlie Sheen ustream. More @WyTVLive viewers, FTW!
  • Fluffy fills for @Ginnna, @KrystalIceKitsu, and @tiptoe39. And here i was thinking i was all...sapped of writing

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