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Dear Friend,

About 2 weeks ago, we made plans to get together and do something on 2/25. Y'know, my birthday?

Over two weeks, even. And yeah, we were gonna do some..girly stuff like..nails and hair. And then i realized, why the hell would i do something on my birthday that i don't even like?

Plus, i don't drive, and my mom was going to be working, and my dad was going to be in NY. So instead of sitting around the house, i'd do something. Whatever. Yeah.

Then we agreed to do something in the afternoon, so you could drive, right?

Of course right.

So now, lemme get this straight. You..want me...to come 45 minutes out of my way to you...because Desert Ridge is 'too far for you to drive'?

Recap. Scottsdale to you, 45 minutes.

You to Desert Ridge, 25 minutes, tops.

And now you're trying to get me to..compromise? The day before?

I'm not a picky person. But right now, i reserve the right to make a bitchyface  at you.


~ She who is making a bitchface
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Dear Charlie,

I'm on a mission.

What the FECK is this new...standing stil and licking walls business? Seriously. I woke up this morning, and you're just...licking a wall. again.


Also, you and your brudder need baths. Like....whoaa. So either i dunk you boys in the tub, pay irene to groom you (mind you, we don't get 1/2 off discount anymore), or we check out Kosmos.

You pick.


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Dear DHPace,

My family has been through alot. My dad is applying for your job opening. He's been in the security business for 30 years, and all he can attempt now is to sell cars. And that even fell through..multiple times.

My dad has a big mouth. He often speaks before he thinks, and doesn't handle being ordered very well.

But he's a damn good salesman. And the security field is his life.

If you'd give him this job...i'll be forever in your debt.

He's really, really good. I promise.

And when he saw the job opening today, he didn't want to get his hopes up, but he seemed like a different person...like the Dad i remember from years ago.

For the first time in ages, i felt warm and happy towards him.

Please, don't screw this up for him. or me. or my family.



The Daughter

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Dear B,

Been over a year, you know.

I need to ask a favor of you, buddy.

You have this tendency to show up in my dreams when I'm going through a rough time. And in those dreams, you're "mine."

Those are really, really nice dreams. I feel all warm and happy and fuzzy.

But waking up to reality is getting to be a bitch. If i'm going through a rough time, the last thing i need is any little pangs in my chest.

Yes, i know i should get over myself. Bygones be bygones. A year and all that.

Feel free to pop in another time, though. I love your little..dreamwalking visits.


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Not an actual letter by any means. Just...one of those...things.

I honestly don't know if you remember me. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't...i just happen to have a mind for that sort of thing. Memories. Details. I think of you now and then, when certain topics come up...like if i'm listening to Spamalot, or even if someone does something as making a 'thumbs down' gesture.

You and your 'thumbs down'. I really shouldn't have been bothered by a ten year old i didn't even know doing that gesture- but it was a sign that i wasn't in your 'good books', or you were just being cheeky.

You were one of the people to have such an impact on my life, you know. I don't know when it was that i stopped sitting on the bus with people my age, and gravitating to sit up front with you.

When your 'thumbs down,' accompanied by an almost constant frown that made me wonder what your deal was. But then it changed..and i don't know when, or why. Maybe it was the day i didn't want to leave you on the bus alone because your matron wasn't there that day...i don't know.

But after that, your frowns became brilliant, mega-watt grins. Signs became as common as speech (Except when we were conspiring against the bus driver). When you pressed one of my headphones to your ear, and we choreographed our legs to dance to Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, until the driver snapped at you to get back to your seat.

The good days like that, signing, chatting, laughing, doing math homework...drawing.

The bad days, when the girls on the bus would mock you from the back seat. You behaved beyond your years, then. You sat still, back straight, staring straight ahead. You knew i was watching you, and occasionally your shoulders would drop, and you'd sign to me.

'those girls think i can't hear them.'

and i'd nod, and tap my fingers to my forehead. 'i know.'

Then the one day you'd had enough pretending, turned around, and snapped, 'shut UP! That's not nice..i can hear you!'

You got in trouble, of course. even when it wasn't your fault.

In those days, you were the brightest part of my day. The beginning, and the end.

I'd gotten you a birthday present...only to come on the bus one day and you weren't there. You'd moved on to mainstream, and while i was incredibly proud, i'd miss you. I hope you got your gift.

And i do miss you, and i'm sure you're doing well. Probably breaking a few hearts along the way by now.

But either way, i think of you alot. You helped me grow, for all your  10-11 years. Reminded me that some things in life were bad, but to always look on the bright side of life.

Thumbs up to you, kid.



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