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 I think i'm one big smush of emotions today.

It's like a freaking roller coaster.

We'd been having issues with getting a flight to NY because Jetblue only allows dogs under 20lbs in cabin.

All other airplanes are either the same situation, or have blackout dates for dogs in cargo during the time we're moving LESS THAN A MONTH OMG.

So i'd basically ruled everything out.

Then Dad spoke to Delta, and got a whole DIFFERENT story than what we knew. Which i knew was bullshit. Because dad comes home all, "Heyy! Everything's settled." But the moron on the phone didn't double check his information. Which, again, we already knew.

So blah blah stress blah, me and dad are going to go out today, buy two carry on kennels, and mom and dad'll drive to the airport with the dogs and the kennels and see if they can't strike a deal.

Roller coaster up:

i realized my oldest and one of my closest friends is going to be living only 10 minutes from me in Babylon. SCORREE.

Roller coaster down: Packing sucks.

Roller coaster up: My laptop'll be back in a day or two.

Down: Feel kinda blah 

Totally forgot where i was going with this.
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Overheard at Skyharbor International airport.

Security guard: "When Mike dies...and i mean that in the nicest way possible..."

He was just so...earnest.

Currently killing time at the airport.

Also, because i overthink the little things in life.

What's with angels/demons with suits and trencoats? Not that i'm complaining.

But i was watching Charmed this morning for the first time in like...ever... and i wasn't entirely paying attention. So at one point, i was like, "Is it 11:00 already? What's Castiel doing on?"

Re: Cole Turner.

Tried to find a CT image to compare, but...too lazy to go in depth


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