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 In the new place, hooray!

Lots of unpacking and stuff to do.

Been sick the past few days- sore throat, and a really, really bad cough.

This morning Dad goes, "By the way, I found out the town water is contaminated. Don't drink from the tap."

Me: You mean like the tap took water from for me and the dogs yesterday.

Dad: Yep! Go boil water in a pot if you want.

Me: *looks at boxes stacked on top of each other, marked KITCHEN. Back at Dad. Back at the boxes*

Haven't found my shampoo or anything, either. None of it is in the bathroom boxes.



Had a bagel yesterday. New York bagel. And pizza. Score.

Also, i have a new bed/mattress and have discovered what it's like to have a mattress so good you don't want to get up in the morning.

summer classes start Tuesday.

Looking forward to the 4th...going to be able to see my entire family on my mom's side.

Yay for short entries?

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 God, i thought i'd need to break out the panic room or something.

Figured I'll update while I'm at our friends in Northport. They have excellent internet access, just...not in the room/apartment I'm staying in. Go figure.

Wednesday- Woke up bright and early to get to the airport. Slipped the pups their anti-anxiety meds. Pretty uneventful. Best part was getting to the airport, seeing the line for Delta, and having a bit of an 'oh fuck that's long' moment. We're not used to having to check bags.

But one of the airline employees overheard us, said, "Hold on, i have an idea." he whooshed off, returned with a wheelchair, and told mom to get in, since people in wheelchairs got priority.

So i wheeled Mom around with my laptop bag over one shoulder, and Charlie in his carrier over the other one. (Yeah, my shoulders hurt like a good ass mother liker 2 days later).

Going through security with the dogs was interesting, since we had to carry them through the metal detector.

Eh, who cares about this, anyway? Flight was good. Charlie slept the entire time. Dillon needed an extra half of his anti-anxiety before he finally settled down.

Arrived safe and sound, headed to Brooklyn, then to Erica's house.

(Proceed with internet withdrawal, isolation from the world, and a surprising few days of [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic  withdrawal)

Stayed with Erica for a bit, visited our friends in Northport.

Also- had about a day or two of stressing because our apartment plans fell through. The people there were dicks, and they didn't look at the application that said 'Multiple dogs', and called to say, "This is a problem. If you come with the dogs, we're turning you away."

But not even two days later, Mom and Dad found a better place that allows multiple dogs, and is even closer to where i'm going to school than the last one. 


Okay. Babies.

I'm not good with kids. Like, at all. Give me an aggressive dog over a harmless child that stares at you any day.





Our friends oldest daughter has a 15 month old, Lucas, who is the most amazing kid i've ever met in the history of like...ever.

Adorable, personable, easy going, smart as a whip.

First time i met him was at the mom's house, and he was incredible.

Second time, yesterday, i fell in love.

Mom and Elaine (family friend) picked me up at Erica's with Elena (the daughter, Lucas' mom) and the family dog, Willow- a beagle/bulldog mix who sat on my lap for the ride.

Lucas warmed to me immediately. I told mom the way to a kid's heart is letting a dog slurp your face like  a maniac.

This child.

this..CHILD. My GOD i've never met a child like this.

He's got so much to say, and no words to do it with. Yet.

Went in the pool with him. Have i mentioned i love this child?

Anyway. To the good part. We knew he was ready to start talking- really talking any moment. He was having entire conversations in baby talk.

Later on, this 15 month old was chowing down on chummus and guacamole, and suddenly started looking at me, and bumping his fingers together.

It was sloppy, but undeniably him signing 'more'. I'd been talking to Elena about baby sign with him, and Elena did a bit with him.

Eventually, for food, he would sign 'more.'

I died.

Later on, after his bath, he was be-bopping around the house, and Elena got him milk.

I was in the living room when Elena called, "Lucs? You want milk?"

And i got his attention and signed 'milk.'

We had me, mom, Elaine, and Elena showing Lucas the sign for 'milk' before giving him his sippy cup.

At one point, Lucas looked at us, and went, "MIIK," and pointed at the cup.

Cue cheering.

It snowballed from there.

He called Elena, 'Mama.' At one point, he looked at Mom and went, "Aabbaaaa." Elena was eating an ice cream sandwich, and he was staring at her, and i showed him how to sign 'ice cream.'

At one point he started rubbing his fist over his mouth and bobbing his head. Without a doubt..'ice cream.'

And then the words just..came. Like he's been dying to speak, but couldn't get the words out.

It was freaking..incredible.

We played more, and later on, up in the apartment me, Mom, and dad were staying in, Lucas raced over to me, and gave me the biggest hug around the legs.

Ffffff i'm so in love.

Afterwards, we headed back to my friend to get my stuff and pick up the dogs, and returned to Northport.


(ps: in the event that i can't get on the internet in my room later, I have a request of my SPN Twitter people:

Is there any way you guys could send me a prompt via twitter that you think i might be inclined to check out? Or in this here post because i can check email/twitter on my phone)

Muuuch obliged.
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 Yesterday, Charlie got a hold of a dead bird, because the gardeners who do the property have this thing where they're all, "Oh, dead bird, lets just push it under a bush."

Luckily, he dropped it instantly. Yeah, Char, wild dead birds taste icky, don't they?

My aunt and uncle came in from NY. (The ones i like, obviously.)

Then last night Dillon kept having to go to the bathroom and wouldn't settle down.

Then, he finally did, and Charlie  woke up from a dead sleep and started lurching around the room like a maddog, holding his front leg up, and basically going nuts.

So i went to him, and his legs were drawn up, completely locked up, and twitching and jerking. His pupils were gigantic and kept slumping to the floor.

It was later at night, so i tried calling for my dad to keep Charlie still, but Dad was outside smoking, and clearly too busy to come help me out.

So i kept Charlie still, and talked to him until he eventually relaxed.

Dad was all, 'It was a muscle spasm, relax. He probably tried to just run it off, like people do.'

Like i've never seen a dog have a seizure before, Dad. And i also didn't go to vet school or nothing

Told my mom what happened this morning when i took my meds, before returning to bed.

Half hour later she had already looked online, talked to her friend who had the same situation with her dog, and confirmed a seizure. More than likely a toxin from the dead bird.

My mom is awesome.

Then i got a nosebleed, and went to curl up and watch Beautiful People, but it didn't TAPPPEEE.

Anyone have a link to last night's episode? Not like it's not going to be shown 855834290 billion times

Party at the apartment complex today, 'cause everyone here wanted to surprise us with a going away party.

So...why exactly are we doing all the cooking and preparation, again?

also. I'm laughing at myself. Was talking to [livejournal.com profile] zekkass  last night, got hit by a sudden sack o sleepies, and typed out my best line EVER:

"IOkay Igalling asleep sittng nigh!_4"

What. WHAT. I mean, i was...drifting in and out of consciousness, but i can assure  you, that was supposed to be, "Okay, i'm falling asleep sitting up. Good night!"

And now for something completely different:



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See what he did thar? He said, "I'mma go sleep in here until you start packing your clothes for your stay. Kay?"

Okay, Charlie.
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 I think i'm one big smush of emotions today.

It's like a freaking roller coaster.

We'd been having issues with getting a flight to NY because Jetblue only allows dogs under 20lbs in cabin.

All other airplanes are either the same situation, or have blackout dates for dogs in cargo during the time we're moving LESS THAN A MONTH OMG.

So i'd basically ruled everything out.

Then Dad spoke to Delta, and got a whole DIFFERENT story than what we knew. Which i knew was bullshit. Because dad comes home all, "Heyy! Everything's settled." But the moron on the phone didn't double check his information. Which, again, we already knew.

So blah blah stress blah, me and dad are going to go out today, buy two carry on kennels, and mom and dad'll drive to the airport with the dogs and the kennels and see if they can't strike a deal.

Roller coaster up:

i realized my oldest and one of my closest friends is going to be living only 10 minutes from me in Babylon. SCORREE.

Roller coaster down: Packing sucks.

Roller coaster up: My laptop'll be back in a day or two.

Down: Feel kinda blah 

Totally forgot where i was going with this.
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Corny subject title is corny. i don't believe in God, or angels, or heaven, or whatever


Was feeling a little stressed today.

While the possibility of going back to NY even earlier than earlier made me giddy, family situations and realizing that i couldn't get the dogs on a flight due to new restrictions from Delta made me feel slightly anxious.

I don't know why i did it...my room was recently cleaned to near sparkling, but behind my bed i found a little stuffed cat that had been taken with a bunch of my grandmother's things after she passed.

Considering the stress in the family is due in great part to mounting tension between my parents and my uncle, and my grandmother was my paternal grandmother...i thought it was pretty coincidental.

I'd cleared my room pretty well, in my opinion, but never noticed the cat.

Yeah. The resemblance didn't go unnoticed on my end.

Not to mention my own little addition in [livejournal.com profile] note_to_cat on May 20th 

So, yeah. Coincidence, higher power, Somebody, Chuck...whatever.

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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Northern. Whether you have the world famous Inland North accent of the Great Lakes area, or the radio-friendly sound of upstate NY and western New England, your accent is what used to set the standard for American English pronunciation (not much anymore now that the Inland North sounds like it does).

If you are not from the North, you are probably one of the following:
(a) A Southerner who hates Southern accents and tries really hard to "talk right"; or
(b) A New Yorker or New Jerseyan who doesn't have the full accent

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

The correct answer is (b), final answer.

I'm in my NY groove, in case you couldn't tell

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Smoothed things out with people over at SCCC, who assured me, "Yes, you were accepted into the veterinary science program 4 days ago. Yes, you'll get your acceptance letter in a week."

Then my dad's all, "Hey, we got a place!"

And i'm all, "YES."

and he's all, "We're moving in July 1st,"

and i'm all


So then i smished Charlie who was all 'snort'

then i smished Dillon who was all, 'derp derp i'm in the air nao.'

Then dad was all, 'who's awesome'

and i was all

and now i'm all

I'm done mucking up everyone's flist browser now
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 LaGuardia CC can bite me.

 maybe later, big boy 

I sent in my application about 2 weeks ago, and i just got an email from them now informing me that i registered past the Feb. 1 deadline, so my placement will be considered by space availability

That's fine, whatever.

But the email is all, "Oh, by the way, we need the following information from you by Friday, May 7th, 2010."

WTG email, that's tomorrow. No problem, i'll get my transcript to Long Island City by tomorrow.


Now returning to my regularly scheduled programming. (re: [livejournal.com profile] ontd_spnparty )


May. 4th, 2010 01:34 pm
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 See, this is what happens when one is doing nothing for too long. You get restless, agitated...and then. Oh, boy, and then when the time comes to do stuff, you're all 'I'M DROWINING HEEEREEE'

Woke up early today so Dad could take me to get my (very, very long overdue) blood test.

Dad wasn't home.

until like...after 11.

Then i reminded him about the test, and he's like, "I have a phone interview in 5 minutes, then another one at 1:00. We'll go after."

Hate to tell him labs don't stay open as long as he thinks.

I was half tempted to ride my bike to the lab and do it myself like a big girl.

Then again, 90+ degrees, blood drawn, bike ride...maaybe not so much a good idea.

We're all kinda running around like chickens with our heads cut off, between searching for living accomodations, and me applying to schools. Calling schools, seeing if i can take pre-requisites online.

Hell, i don't even know if i got accepted to LCC.

Once said to [livejournal.com profile] soullessginger  that things were like "Being in the hospital when the wife is giving birth. You can't do much...just pace the halls. And wait."

See, i'm not a fan of not..knowing exactly where i stand. It gives me more stress.

Where are we going?

When are we going?

What college am i going to?

Long Island? Queens? Where are we living?

Warning: Digression.

I'm outside, and people are at the pool (my apartment is pretty much adjacent to it. Good for gossip), and this old guy calls to this younger woman, "Hey! Are you coming to my funeral?"

Woman: *totally confused* What?

Old Man: I was just wondering if you were gonna be at my funeral

Woman: Why would i..?

Old Man: I dunno. I thought maybe you'd like to make sure i was really dead or something.

Yeah. Totally random.

Uhm. Right. Two episodes left of SPN. and House. So part of me is like, "God, i hope we start moving/getting busy, because i don't think i could stand not having something to look forward to on Mon/Thurs."

(btw, Pat. You're still a dick for your Cas comment/pic. That was downright satanic. Bastard. I'm stressed and emo, dude)

Speaking of Supernatural, i was like, "Finally, i can read that one book i haven't read yet." But it ended up i did read it. Which was weird.

And i felt sad.

I need to screw my head on straight right now. 

Ramblin' Rose.

Oh, yeah. Things have been really peaceful in the household. Regarding me and Dad. Actually been...enjoyable. Lighter atmosphere. 

But the thing i was afraid of happening is happening.

With Dad, you give an inch, and he'll take a mile.

So now that we're on more or less companionable terms, i think he's starting to thing we're BFFs. At first, he treated me like an adult. Now he's starting to get...too buddy buddy. Like, blowing me kisses when we're watching House. Or whispering. "iiii'm gonna getchu. iii''mmm gonna getchu." Which, besides being kinda creepy, is being said like you would to a child.

Now me and mom have to sit down and discuss this with him, and the shit is going to hit the friggin fan. Watch the rare and elusive Davidus Fatherus shatter the illusion of peace.

In other news, tonight my friend Brian is hosting a Blu Ray movie at his place. Gonna watch Iron Man before we see IM2 in theaters next week.

Plus, this Saturday is Salt River Tubing. Thank Somebody.
yeah i've also been re-reading Good Omens, tyvm. It's my feel good book

So. Recipe for de-stressing at the moment

Good Omens.

Lotsa Jimmy Buffett

Music in general. I swapped my Zune HD for an iPod the other day. Lots more space...no need to be picky about what goes on it or not.

Oooh. YES! Loud people at the pool. That calls for some good gossip.

especially since one of them is a woman who adored my family...until she found out we were Jewish

Right, then. Back to the drawing board, i reckon.

Breathe in, Breathe Out, Move On

(Not that everything else hasn't been totally unrelated, but does anyone know why i can't freaking copy/paste stuff in a LJ Post in Google Chrome? Argh)

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 "We're frightened of losing all we have, even if we succeed in winning this war"- Jim Beaver 

I have a tendency to joke about myself and my emotions. That i'm able to stand tall in bad situations because the medication cocktail i've been on for nearly a decade somewhat inadvertently makes it so.

I'm able to stand in the face of the deaths of those nearest  to me, while family and friends hold on and cry without breaking. Feeling muted.

I used to abhor change, and fight it tooth and nail, until change became a part of life, and instead of fighting, i just let the current take me.

Yesterday, i went with Mom to the Scottsdale Civic Center, where the Native Trails Native American Festival has been held. We watched the singing and dancing, and listened to a man who, to this day, relies on droughts and monsoons to feed his crops. About a time where attracting a woman wasn't about the size of your wallet, or the shine of your car, but how you carried yourself as a person. How healthy you were, how you cared for your horse.

As i listened, sprawled in the Arizona sun, i imagined a time where someone's life was Nature Nature Nature. And i was kind of...envious.

We went inside a bit, and found a small art gallery tucked away in the Civic Center. A plaque outside cautioned those entering that many of the artworks may not be suitable for anyone under 18 years old. This confused me, as the artworks all appeared to be by children.

They were. The point being, these artworks were by children created during art therapy sessions. Children who were mentally, emotionally, and physically traumatized and abused. These pieces of art were their outlets. Fear, solitude, loneliness. A 5 year old witnessing and depicting their mother being beaten by a bat by their father. Another drawing of a child's 'room', a dark closet with buckets so they could use the bathroom. A child being left to sleep on the streets. These were only a few, through the perceptions of children as young as 5 years old.

It was dark, it was graphic. The gallery was small, lighting muted. The ambiance never gave you the inkling of the festival outside. You were wrapped up in this world people don't want to know existed.

Next to me, Mom's eyes were bright and wet. Everyone of these anonymous children were hers. The types of children she looked after in school since i was little. These were her kids.

I think it was in this little gallery that i started to unravel

I broached my feeling of disconnect regarding Grandma's death. How the ever powerful realistic part of me knew she was gone, but the emotional part, the important part, that laughed and cried with Grandma, who helped her through the death of her beloved sister, who ate and teased and talked about the world. Who giggled over Hugh Jackman, and danced to Fame and Dancing Queen in Florida and NY. Who would get up when Grandma was visiting/living with us, and sneak into Grandma's room for a talk and a cuddle. Who shared the love of old movies and Frank Sinatra.

The important part of me.

I expressed my pressing confusion over our current life, after overhearing Mom comment on needing summer job. New York is not as close as it once was. We can't afford to leave. We talked about school for me, and jobs.

I know what i need to do, but i still feel...disconnected.

We discussed getting me a good therapist, then kinda laughed it off. In Arizona, there's really no such thing. Maybe i'm just spoiled from the therapist i had for 9 years in NY.

We went searching for one when we first moved here. We glossed over my issues. The woman looked me in the eyes and suggested i found God in my life.

That ended that.

By the way, I checked...just in case. And God is not on any flatbread

I was up Saturday night because Charlie was sick. The other day, Dillon let out a yelp, and has been stumbling around like he was just out of sedation. Then he got sick.

Last night, my parents wished me a good night, and hoped i got a good night sleep.

I didn't. Both dogs were up sick all night.

All. Night.

Right now, i'm reading Jim Beaver's 'Life's Like That.' It's a journal he compiled of emails and entries from when he learned within a 2 month period of time that his wife had advanced lung cancer, and his 2 year old daughter had Autism.

So, in the scheme of things. I could have it worse.
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Considering the fact that my apartment complex is being used as a set with Will 'freakin Ferrell, it's awfully quiet.

Dad's all, "LOOK! Look at all the trucks!"

My response, "Ooh, look! Roach Coach! Yum!"

Er. Right.

I miss feeling good.

I can has NY plz?

Oh, balls

Mar. 21st, 2010 02:39 am
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 Heather and Matt returned to NY tonight, which means i was liberated from sleeping on the couch, and returned to my bedroom.

Well, after 10 days of sleeping like a baby in NY, and 3 days of restful sleep on the couch in AZ, i joked to mom, "Watch. I'm going to revert and be unable to sleep."

I think she tutted at me.

Well, it's 2:35 in the morning. And i'm writing this. What does that tell ya?

Also, it doesn't help  that Dillon had an upset stomach before we went to dinner. When we got back, there was a pretty bad..smell. I thought it was..well..anyway. Been pretty consistent.

Anywho. Started that damn SPN fic. Hoorah Wee!Chester. 

Then...it warped. Now i've got a TW/SPN fic going on...and it's muuch easier to write.

Time to attempt sleep again, methinks. And Charlie has taken up residence on half my pillow

ETA: God called. He wants me to go to sleep.

I hate Toshibas. My laptop just overheated and shorted out. There goes a paragraph of writeringz. 

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I had an epic Crossover Dream of DOOM last night.

By the time i got online, it was all...faded.

I wasn't in it, though. At all.

But i may need to stop watching TV.

Alot of TV characters were in it.

BUT. Epic!

I do remember...clearly...

House was driving to some..mansion in some...sunny place, but got held up because he had to stop and do something nice for someone. Then he arrived and diagnosed these two little girls with a genetic disorder because their pupils looked abnormal.

Then Bobby Singer threatened him with a shotgun.

And House said, "The angel made me do it!" then left.


And i woke up.

In the real world, i slept in. And...it didn't feel nice. I've been getting up by 8:30 the latest, lately, and then i slept till 10ish, and my brain was like..rrrghhhh

But i went out to lunch with my childhood friend, Whitney. It was beyond good to catch up with her. We headed to huntington village to a sushi place, and it was just really natural to hang out with her. Alot of laughing, some serious talking...but i was disappointed when she had to leave to go to a family thing.

She invited to dinner with some of her friends, which i nearly took her up on, but she was considerate enough to forewarn me that after dinner, things might get a little bit "wild." So i passed.

But i tried sushi! And i wasn't eager to spit it out, either. I'm all growed up.


Mar. 9th, 2010 12:52 pm
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So, here's what i know.

New York is home. Yeah, i knew that..but..it's always good to have a reaffirmation of one's belief.

Since getting in on Thursday, every night i've had a good night's sleep. Even if i stay up a little longer, when i close my eyes, i'm out for the count within 10 minutes.

In Arizona, i'm up for hours before i finally sleep.

Also, in Arizona i've been having particularly bad anxiety before bed. Not here, no sirree. I'm just...relaxed. Comfortable in my own skin. And that's even without being 'on my own.'

I finally got to meet the famed [livejournal.com profile] soullessginger , and i must say, Erica has the best choice in her people

Today is an absolutely beautiful day. Got up at a reasonable time, relaxed, played with Erica's cats. (Another bonus. I always sleep better when i have animals with me. And as much as Charlie's snores vibrate, it's not quite the subtle soothing of a cat purr.) Talked to Mom on the phone, trying to clear up some frustration regarding the vet bill from boarding the dogs.

That's a whole 'nother ball game, and i'm feeling a bit too good to vent.

I organized my stuff, then grabbed leftover pizza, a drink, and a book and headed outside.

Okay, time for some severe happiness. I was browsing Erica's bookshelves, when i spotted a book i've been searching the stores/library quite some time for.

It's called 'Wake up, Sir!' by Alan Blair. It's basically modern day Jeeves and Wooster....sans the Wooster. A man from NJ has a valet named Jeeves (said valet confirms that he comes from a line of Jeeves', and that he's not the Wodehousian paragon. My headcanon begs to differ). Alan is basically Bertie in the 1990s, American, and most definitely having a sexuality crisis.

Anyway, i don't remember ever cracking open a book, and grinning like a maniac for hours straight.

But now i need to write fic. My thoughts:

Jeeves is really Jeeves-Jeeves, not a descendant, but he goes along with that story because, well,  "Hello, my name is Jeeves, i was  a valet in the 1920s, and haven't aged a day, but i'm still the same man." There's going to be a bit of bittersweet/angstyness on Jeeves' behalf, seeing Alan so much like Bertie, but knowing he's not his beloved employer from ye olde days.

And maybe Alan finding out about Bertie, and wondering if he's some sort of 'stand in'.

That, or Alan as Bertie reincarnated. In my head, it's not so far from the truth.

The old lemon throbbed fiercely, as Wodehouse once wrote.

Well, for now, i just got in from outside. I've found a sunny spot in Erica's room as i write this. I've got cats for company.

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Sleep is awesome.

I haven't had a good night sleep in ages, but last night i was camped out on Heather's couch, and slept like a baby.

I didn't have charlie's snoring, or Dillon's weight across my legs, but i did have the sounds of NYC: Cars going by, honking, midnight shouting from people- and it was so good. It was my own personal lullaby, really.

The flight in was fine, even if we were delayed a half an hour. But at least they didn't make us sit on the plane for it.

There was a family of redheads in front of me. I was later mistaken by a flight attendant to be 'with them'.

Got in, took a cab to Heather. Matt whipped up this unbelievable chicken stir fry that was just...ngh. So GOOD. Restaurant quality.

After i was well fed, me and Heather left the apartment to get Rita's italian ices. We had a Rita's in Long Island, so i was beyond pleased.

We finished an episode of The Office, then Heather had me watch Wet Hot American Summer.

The two of them went to bed after that. I hung out for a bit, then conked out.

In the morning, the supervisor came by to fix something in the bathroom, and mistook me for Heather, referring to Matt as "my" boyfriend/husband.

Today we're going to do some shoe shopping for the Bar Mitzvah, hang out, and go out to dinner
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I need reading material.

And more entertainment. Or, as i coined it yesterday, 'Plane-tertainment.'

Possibly a new computer bag, cause this one's gonna be a bitch to stuff the important Plane-tertainment with.

I've never been good at packing, but since i moved to AZ, all trips to NY have been too short that i didn't have to worry about it. A few days, if anything.

This time around, it's over a week. And that's pretty bad ass.

Speaking of badass, John Barrowman's new album came out March 1st. It's all Broadway stuff. I need it.

Today, i called Charlie a BAMF. I'm not sure why. I just..did.

I've always kept them closed off behind a kitchen gate, because they had a tendency of marking the carpet in the living room in Phoenix.

But lately i've been taking them on a walk, then letting them around..just not upstairs.

So last night, i'm in my room, and i can't find Charlie. Mom's all, "He's in the living room with us, sleeping."

Again, this morning, i got out of a shower, and i'm like, 'great. Where's Charlie?" Dillon's asleep on my bed.

Charlie was by himself in the living room, just chilling out.

So i went "Charlie, you're a BAMF. You are a bad ass mother fucker."

I don't know why, though.

Speaking of the BAMFness, last night dad alerted me to the fact that 'Bright Young Things' was about to start on TV.

No, Dad's not the bamf-ness. Stephen Fry is.

Also. Job searching in NY. That sounds pretty BAMFery to me. Thinking i'll contact Dr. Selmer (Original vet) ..maybe he's got some leads for me. Before i left NY, he told me if i ever needed a reference, he'd be honored to write one up.

And that was before i was all...Veterinaryish.

OH \o/ \o/ YAY
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It was interesting, to say the least..in lieu of plans to move back to NY with at the end of May.

Tonight, we're in the kitchen, and mom says to me, "Listen, if things work out in NY while you're there...if you can manage okay...stay there. I'll send you the dogs."

She was rather....dead serious. She told me while i'm there...get a job...don't come back. Stay in AZ


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