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Hey, folks!

Just wanted to let you know i'm still alive. Busy month!

Started a summer class May 31st that'll end June 30th from 8-10am. Interesting class. Anthropology. Great professor. He's like a mix of Robin Williams and Charles Fleischer who came from Trinidad.

I have an 8-10 page paper due the 23rd, plus studying, a mid term, and a final. We also have an oral presentation to do, but i grabbed my nonexistant balls and did mine the second day of class, and got a 99% on it!

I'm petsitting at the moment. Ironically, Mom was sitting next to a woman while getting her hair done, and the woman was miserable because she was going away and couldn't find someone to watch her dog and 3 cats.

Well, that was remedied rather quickly.

Anyway, i was sick last week. (Tuesday-Sunday). It was pretty awful. Flu, and then a stomach bug that confined me to bed for days. Then my laptop died. It just DIED. While i was confined to BED. I pretty much remained in bed and listened to Merlin podfics the entire weekend.

It's still dead, actually. Something in it blew, and we need to get it repaired. Ugh. Money talks. It also sucks.

I miss my laptop.

I'm also moving this month. (holyfuck27dayswhatisthissaucery).

So, yes. Busy.

Here's a Dillon update for you all.

He's doing fantastic!

He's definitely healthier, his fur is growing back thick (and fast!).

Seriously, though. His fur had to grow back at the beginning of summer, didn't it? I was just worried about having to get Charlie groomed. Troublemaker.

Right. This was supposed to be a quick post, wasn't it?

I've also taken up co-modding. (co-co modding?) over at [livejournal.com profile] team_free_love which is both an honor to be apart of such a fantastic comm, and i can't wait for things to settle down so i can really get to work over there.

In other news, NJCon is a little over a month away, and i'm happy i'm able to keep my stuff and not sell it.

Would love to tell more, but one of the cats is demanding attention, and who am i to deny her?

Hope everyone is doing well!
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 In the new place, hooray!

Lots of unpacking and stuff to do.

Been sick the past few days- sore throat, and a really, really bad cough.

This morning Dad goes, "By the way, I found out the town water is contaminated. Don't drink from the tap."

Me: You mean like the tap took water from for me and the dogs yesterday.

Dad: Yep! Go boil water in a pot if you want.

Me: *looks at boxes stacked on top of each other, marked KITCHEN. Back at Dad. Back at the boxes*

Haven't found my shampoo or anything, either. None of it is in the bathroom boxes.



Had a bagel yesterday. New York bagel. And pizza. Score.

Also, i have a new bed/mattress and have discovered what it's like to have a mattress so good you don't want to get up in the morning.

summer classes start Tuesday.

Looking forward to the 4th...going to be able to see my entire family on my mom's side.

Yay for short entries?

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 I think i'm one big smush of emotions today.

It's like a freaking roller coaster.

We'd been having issues with getting a flight to NY because Jetblue only allows dogs under 20lbs in cabin.

All other airplanes are either the same situation, or have blackout dates for dogs in cargo during the time we're moving LESS THAN A MONTH OMG.

So i'd basically ruled everything out.

Then Dad spoke to Delta, and got a whole DIFFERENT story than what we knew. Which i knew was bullshit. Because dad comes home all, "Heyy! Everything's settled." But the moron on the phone didn't double check his information. Which, again, we already knew.

So blah blah stress blah, me and dad are going to go out today, buy two carry on kennels, and mom and dad'll drive to the airport with the dogs and the kennels and see if they can't strike a deal.

Roller coaster up:

i realized my oldest and one of my closest friends is going to be living only 10 minutes from me in Babylon. SCORREE.

Roller coaster down: Packing sucks.

Roller coaster up: My laptop'll be back in a day or two.

Down: Feel kinda blah 

Totally forgot where i was going with this.
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 My Dad just got sucked into a situation right outta Life of Brian.

We've been trying really hard to sell some furniture, make some money, yadda yadda.

Phone rings. It's a woman from our apartment complex saying she saw one of our beautiful pieces of furniture for sale, so i handed the phone off to dad.

Furniture piece: Bought for $2,700. Dropped to $1,100, and dropped finally to $900.

Dad: Tell you what. Think about how much you're willing to spend, and if we still have it..

Woman: What's your bottom price?

Dad: Well, $900, but we really don't want to take it with us, so i'll sell it for $800.

Woman:That's not what i had in mind.

Dad: Alright, well, if you wanted to think about it...

Woman: I'll give you $1,000 for it.

Dad: .....Okay.


On a side note, i've been packing today.

I'm trying to be selective about the books i take, but how does anyone do that? It's like...i don't know. Probably against some sort of law somewhere.


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Smoothed things out with people over at SCCC, who assured me, "Yes, you were accepted into the veterinary science program 4 days ago. Yes, you'll get your acceptance letter in a week."

Then my dad's all, "Hey, we got a place!"

And i'm all, "YES."

and he's all, "We're moving in July 1st,"

and i'm all


So then i smished Charlie who was all 'snort'

then i smished Dillon who was all, 'derp derp i'm in the air nao.'

Then dad was all, 'who's awesome'

and i was all

and now i'm all

I'm done mucking up everyone's flist browser now


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