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 Ficlet because i couldn't physically cope with the fact that in the Rent off-Broadway revival, they took away Mark's scarf. 

Title: The Marf
Fandom: Rent
Rating: Fine line between PG/PG-13, for content
Characters/Pairing: Mark Cohen, Roger Davis (allusions to Mark/Roger)
Warnings: brief mentions of blood, and death. Know Rent?
Summary: The scarf binds their history
A/N: Written to soothe my own wounds, and for [ profile] caughtfire , who feels my pain

Only two people knew the truth about the scarf. )
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 First off, happy birthday! Thank you for almost over half a decade of your friendship, creativity, and experiences.

Almost over half a decade. Hell, it's been more than 5 years...

holy crap!

Sadly, i can't repay you with as epicness as you've given me, so here's a small bit of fic from the prompt you gave me. 

Title: (None yet)

Fandom: SPN/Jeeves & Wooster

Characters: Gabriel, Jeeves, Bertie (slightly onesided J/W for now), Castiel, Sam, Dean

Summary: Jeeves and Gabriel swap bodies. Let's see how they cope with that.

Warnings: POV switching (Third to first person), Unbeta'ed, and incomplete)

Read on, Macduff )

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So...this just happened? I don't know.
Just struck me.
semi-spoilers for 6x20.
Title: (Untitled for now)
Rating: PG
Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, mentions of Dean
I've got to admit. I don't even know what the hell this wording is.
I've yet to figure out a spoiler HTML for the summary, so... seen the ep? Carry on.
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All blame goes to [ profile] denazia  and [ profile] ihasstopwatch 

Title: After Hours
Pairing: Sam Wesson/Janitor!Gabriel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 980
Warnings/Notes:  (Unbeta'ed) Brief language, blow job, 'It's a Terrible Life' AU
Summary/Prompt: Sam W. stays late at work on purpose just so he can see Gabriel!Janitor.

Gif not mine. Shamelessly used as inspiration


No, Sam had no family to go home to. He was in his prime, good looking, and waiting for the sound of squeaking wheels from a mop bucket to echo through the empty halls. )




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So, here's the deal. This was supposed to be straight up, Angelcestual, "Caged Heat" coda porn for [ profile] morganoconner , in which Gabriel was the pizzaman from "The Pizzaman and the Babysitter."

But then the pizzaman wandered on over and spanked me with a plot.

I must have done something wrong.

Title: (Insert whatever cheesy title you want)- (Prologue)
Pairing: Castiel/Gabriel
Spoilers: 6x10, Caged Heat
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Warnings: unbetae'd and written in Wordpad, Angelcest


His first mistake was informing Dean that one of his reasons for frequenting Earth was that "The Pizzaman and the Babysitter" spoke to him. )

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I have no excuse.

[ profile] sycophantastic  and [ profile] arialyre cornered me, and tied me down. And it wasn't sexy. At all.

So i was all like...wah wah wah i need to learn how to write Supernatural characters wah wah wah.

So [ profile] arialyre  is all, "Sam/Gabriel! Write Sam at college! Something with a Jess crisis! He likes this guy from college, who he later finds out is Gabriel!" (Terribly paraphrased. Terribly)

And then they both held me down and made me cry.

And then there was...this.

Title: Untitled (1/2)
Author: [ profile] jabber_moose 
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Sam/Jess, "Marc"
Spoilers: Um. Nonesofar. The end of the chapter veers off into AU land. Big Time?
Warnings: Unbeta'ed. Shameless abuse of name meaning for the sake of creativity.
Word Count: 917
Summary: There's this guy at Stanford. He kinda pisses Sam off. Jess is amused.

Maybe he just has a crush on you,” she offered one night, reaching and flicking Sam’s bangs away from his forehead. “Maybe he wants to confess his undying love for you, but he’s just too shy.” )
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 Happy Birthday, [ profile] utterlystrange !

Enclosed is a present for you.

It's not long, but i hope you enjoy!

Under this here cut )
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 Have pulled my long neglected fic journal from the depths for use.

Any fic i've written transferred to [ profile] fleeting_fancy 

And i do mean slowly.

Between organizing, and combing through this journal, as well as [ profile] writers_mogail and anything i've done for [ profile] comment_fic 

And yes, i admit part of the reason is so this journal, for the few who look, aren't spammed by communities.

See? Bad time to start a project.

No cookies for me
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I have comment-fic to post here, don't i?

Okay, so i've got me some Supernatural reruns playing in the background, so here's my response for today's prompt by [ profile] owleyes_arisen 

Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel.

Warning: Spoilers for 5x22

Gabriel's the one who gripped Sam tight and raised him from perdition

Gabriel's the one to grip Sam tight and raise him from Perdition. )

Coincidentally enough, it's episode 4x01 playing now, and Dean just got raised from Perdition.

Now, for the 'God, i shouldn't have been writing' crack.

prompted by [ profile] msmanuscript 

Avenue Q, any/any, "THE INTERNET IS DOWN!"


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Dear Dad-

There are many things you can put your coffee down on. A coaster, for example.

If you spill coffee, you clean it up.

Things you do NOT put your coffee mug down on, or spill your coffee on, for that matter, are the following:


A) My To Do List for the day, which is pretty damn important in regards to taking care of things, cleaning my room, and getting started on a moving process.

B) Possibly the most important- my written rough draft of my Supernatural/House x-over fic that i've been incredibly excited about.

Now both are soggy masses of brown worthlessness that are all grainy with Splenda.

Thanks for that.


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 Ngah. Totally not what what i was planning.

Stupid... [ profile] comment_fic 

The prompt could not be denied

Torchwood/Supernatural, Ianto/Castiel, "What do you mean you've never had coffee?"

Filled prompt is here 

Also going to put the fic here, but for reasons unknown, i can't...copy paste a damned thing
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I has it. I mean, i wrote some.

Over here at Bite Sized Comment Fics

Prompt: Supernatural, Gabriel/Dean, Castiel Falls too far

My dirty little secret that i'm still LOLing over?

I posted it before seeing who prompted it.

Hello,[ profile] zekkass !

I was all, 'damn. I can write this. Kinda.'

It gets better, though! I learned correct English from [ profile] soullessginger regarding it. Yay, English.

I'm Batman!

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 I started a bite of my TW/SPN fic draft.

Since it's my first..foray into anything regarding SPN fanfiction, i attempted to make it as general as possible. But since it's a crossover with TW, it's got some Jack/Ianto innit.

No apologies fer that, actually. 

After being so..none too gently nudged by one [ profile] soullessginger , my brain went from wee!chester, to present day spn, to Torchwood involvement, to the Winchesters not even taking place in the damn storyline.

I think it's because i couldn't figure a plausible way for Jack to go to the US, or the brothers to go the UK without hurting my brain.

Somehow, Castiel slipped into my writing radar. Yay angel mojo. Then i was intrigued by the thought of Cas meeting up with Jack...two 'warriors,' so to speak. Plus Mr. Angel of the Lord dealing with Mr. I Can't Die Harkness. It's a bit Doctor Who-esque, i the sense that for Castiel, everyone/thing has a time, and like the Doctor, Jack's immortality puzzles him.

I also had a draft in which somehow Jack saw Cas' true form, but since he can't die...Castiel's kinda just...this dude is still alive, and his eyes are burned out, but now he's healing.

But i feel that surpassed my abilities, description wise



I have decided to post the rough draft. Behold the Fail )



Dec. 10th, 2009 12:26 am
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Stolen from zekkass

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Hatter
2. Ianto Jones
3. The Doctor (Ten)
4. Radames
5. Mark Cohen
6. Dr. James Wilson
7. Max Bialystock
8. Tony Murchison
9. Lauren Cooper
10. Justin Taylor

Shitty fics are shitty. I can't write on a good day...and started this far too late. )Read more... )
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So, after being positive i'd lost it forever i found my Dead Poets Society fic "Aerodynamic".

No spoilers or anything....just vague..ramblings that i'm pretty sure were much more profound when i first wrote it.

No characters are even mentioned, but if you know DPS, i think it refers to the end of the movie...possibly Todd!Musings.

Based on the 'desk set' scene, which i so kindly stole the quotes rom IMDB

"This desk set wants to fly!" )Read more... )

and fic:

Here )


Nov. 6th, 2009 07:54 pm
jay_moose: (Default) wrote. Fic, that is. Yeah. And it was supposed to be just...this little slashyfluffyalmostporny drabbley thing that ended up being a more...fleshygigglynonpornyyettthing.

I was watching a Tony/Control clip with Czech subtitles and commented to [ profile] zekkass

"Ooh...that would be sooo smexy. TC sex with Tony calling Control pani Ridici or something....because he's been speaking to someone in Czech all day?"

and [personal profile] zekkass decreed that i must do just that. So i did. Sort of.


Title: C. Nazev Jeste (English: "No Title Yet." So clever, me)

Pairing: Tony/Control (established) Neddy/C2 (pre-slashy?)

Summary: Control has a bit of a fascination with language and his Subsection Chief of the East Germany and Related Satellites employee/lover. C2 wants the juicy details. Neddy gets dragged along for the ride.

Chapters: 1/2

Rating: PG-13 (For C2's mouth Just for C2.)

Disclaimer: I don't own C2, Neddy, Control, Tony, the United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, or the aforementioned characters' libidos.


Read more... )


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