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Just found out that all my emails to my boss regarding taking off the weekend in March had been going to her spam folder, hence the reason she hadn't responded. So that...and some somewhat personal relevations that have had me wringing my hands an all....

Okay, so she tells me she'll get coverage. good. It's spring break weekend, and it would seem we're booked.

Cue more hand wringing. What if there's no room for Dillon and Charlie? Oh, hell.

On another note, Simba- the cat surrendered to the clinic because his owner didn't want to deal with treating his stones, is having his first trial at a possible 'forever home' this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] flyingcircuits  and [livejournal.com profile] soullessginger  have inspired me to start writing again. Not..fiction/fanfic stuff, either. Damn both of you.

On the subject of damning, DAMN my friend Brian for getting a normal work schedule and eliminating my tues/thurs happy hour and movie time.

And where's my WD40 for these damn keyboard keys?

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I'm just confused.

Earlier yesterday, my parents kept dropping none-too-subtle hints about me inviting[livejournal.com profile] flyingcircuits to my cousin's bar mitzvah in March as my guest. I wasn't sure about subjecting her to hours in a temple, especially since my aunt and uncle are kinda on my shit list, and to be quite honest, i'm scared of being in a public situation with Jack (aforementioned cousin).

So, blah blah blah i kept saying no (No offense, Erica, i'm just trying to look out for you here.) and my parents were like, "Are you 1000% sure?"

I wasn't. I figured if i had to suffer, Erica did too, why the hell not, right?

Long story short, i came home from work, and told Mom i'd invited Erica as my guest. Like they'd suggested, and i decided to.

Mom tells me, "I'm not sure if you can do that. I think you'd need to check with Uncle Al."

Wait, what?

"You were telling me to take someone as my guest," said I.

"Well," said she. "If you take a guest, it's really if you're taking a date."

So basically, one thing you kept saying i should do...i shouldn't? What?

The thing is, she seemed so...surprised that i brought it up.

Hey, Erica...do you think it's time to tell everyone we've been lesbian lovers all these years?

I really don't think people will be shocked


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