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  • RT @WyTVLive: @WyTVLive star @duchess_rebecca going live tonight with @RabbitRebecca. Live at 9pm pst - http://bit.ly/fswKml
  • Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad
  • so, if anyone is interested in seeing what i was doing the last 15 minutes of "work" today http://www.twitvid.com/0DUUZ
  • RT @ChadLindberg: My Pics are up for bid on E-Bay for "A Dog's Life Rescue" @SupportSPN 100% of the proceeds go to helping! http://bit. ...
  • ah, well. Dillon's not going to be a happy puppy. Gotta cut his food intake down before we begin meds tomorrow
  • Yes, dogs are done for the night. Where are my pajamas and a GBB to snuggle with?
  • i was just cockblocked with Jeopardy at 7.
  • I don't know why this F!S makes me all happy inside. JFC, i was only recently converted to the RPS darkside. Why do i feel so..fluffy?
  • Maybe it's because of the people they put in there... Gale/randy, Jared/Jensen, Bradley/Colin, etc. Going to hell
  • I have officially been won over by @guynormanbee for the sheer fact that he tweeted 'Mazel Tov.'
  • I just made Jeopardy my bitch
  • Great, now i can't watch Ghost Hunters without getting all...Demon!Harnois and Spirit Camel Luke and his Venomous Spit @annundriel
  • My consolation for no Supernatural tomorrow is that there is Merlin.
  • Why is this client on Ghost Hunters unable to keep her shirt on, here?
  • So, tomorrow i bathe a 200 pound, full grown Newfoundland. Something tells me a poncho and rainboots are in order
  • Oooh, lookit @Xarixian kicking it up to become Top Chef for #SupernaturalDiner
  • Ghostfacers Salted Duffle Truffle #SupernaturalDiner
  • Missouri's Best (Pan)Cakes #SupernaturalDiner
  • John Winchester's Sirrific Hidden Orange Pudding #Supernaturaldiner
  • RT @alydenisof: I cannot believe it was 14 years ago today that BUFFY aired for the first time! And I cannot believe you guys had to rem ...
  • Dear Breyers: I hate you for putting a delicious looking recipe on your container when i had the ingredients. For the same reason, i <3 you
  • LMFAO @ @TheInsaneEraser. I see you there
  • Heat rises, but oreos sink. #Sadmoment
  • Oh my god. This is so @FHornChickie it's not even funny http://bit.ly/emEyNr
  • Wow. I feel kinda sad right now. When did this happen?! I am 71% addicted to Twitter http://su.pr/1b72Ly from the incredible @oatmeal

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Date: 2011-03-11 02:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] unstoppablei.livejournal.com
Can I ask, what are these things? This "upper class twit of the year" keeps appearing on lj. Is it automatic? Or do you copy your favorite tweets and put them on lj to remember them? I'm just confused (and don't have a twitter).

Date: 2011-03-11 06:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jabber-moose.livejournal.com
It automatically comes up at a certain time. Which..i want to change, because if i don't update often, it's all...cloggy on my page


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