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  • Okay, two tweets in a row on my timeline about their cats having spaz attacks. And Charlie just took a runnin… (cont) http://deck.ly/~4WRec
  • Wessonator 2: Where *did* Sam's belt go? The Mysterious Janitor seems to know more than he's letting on....
  • Today was supposed to be my GBB reading day. Instead, i made a smoothie, flopped around in bed, and wrote Wessonator
  • Ooh. If you turn the W upside down, it becomes Messonator. Like....MESSENGER. Sam Wesson/Archangel Gabriel=MESSONATOR. hehe. Mess.
  • So when Gabriel outs himself not as the Janitor, but as the Archangel, he POWER RANGER TRANSFORMS. He joins with Sam to become MESSONATOR
  • oh my god i have too many GBBs to read. Not that i'm complaining. But i wanna read NOW. But then i'll go to read and my phone will ring
  • Bastardizing Pokemon. Person A sees Person B. Finds them very very hot. Cue Bone-r
  • well, @Ginnna i am now being followed by Aunt Chiladas
  • Dear @AuntChiladas: We love to entertain. Also, i miss your food @Ginnna
  • I'll have to check in for the recording of @ThoseVideoGuys, damnit. I have an 'appointment'
  • RT @J2Fan: Spread word, please! On 3/29 #SPN fandom rises up!! #PepsiOnSupernatural - http://lounge.cwtv.com/showthread.php?t=709193
  • back in a bit
  • Very successful meeting with Dillon and Charlie's new roommate for April :D
  • RT @ChadLindberg: http://bit.ly/92AgR3 Tune in from anywhere in the World!!! I go on 1pm my PST;) Got questions for me?!! It's gonna be ...
  • Oh, god. I've officially decided the sequel to Wessonator WILL be Messonator, because Gabriel is going to out himself as an Archangel
  • I think i share a profound bond with JanitorGabriel because we are forever linked through involuntary obligations to sweeping and mopping
  • brb. Making Wessonator Sims. Like a Boss
  • I think i've acheived Like A Boss Status, yes? Oh @tiptoe39, do you need more Heartsweeper?
  • I think i'm on quack today. Keep me going!
  • "No more ice cream milkshakes at 10am and pretending it's a fruit smoothie just because you threw fruit in it… (cont) http://deck.ly/~A3POu
  • So, what is Sam Wesson-Wessonator's Aspiration?
  • Fuck you, Mini Muffins. I'm sure there were MORE THAN THREE IN THE BAG
  • G'night every buddy

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