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  • I really hope Dillon gets on the Lysodren and handles it well. He's been really, really tired lately
  • I told mom i was really going to miss salt river tubing in AZ this year. So she says, "So, go visit." HEY @GINNNA .....
  • I turn on the tv the second a character says, "This guy can finger Al Capone!"
  • Ha. That happening's got the likelihood of Bertie not getting out of the soup without Jeeves' help #Merlin
  • Some people make me question my sexuality. Or, they would...if i had one. Wait.
  • Gwaine, stop being so freaking adorable. I dare you #Merlin. DARE YOU. Oh, you failed that test
  • *scraweeeee!* "What was that?" "Pheasant." "Pheasant." "...a very large pheasant."
  • 99.9% that i now have a side job. Now, to get out of my toxic environment of a job
  • Now i've gone and upset myself
  • Imagine if i'd watched Merlin the same day as SPN? Both involve doors separating the people they cared for, and calling for each other
  • Oh, that doesn't help. Anniversary of Papa's death, too. the candle was set out. Should have figured.
  • RT @KnobNots: Bomb Sniffing Dog Dies Hours After His Handler is Killed, Broken Heart Suspected. How sad is this? http://bit.ly/gijBpP
  • Am i a freaking sicko or something? I took a photo album out for puppy!Dillon, and it's the album of my first dog, Jerry, put down at 3 yrs
  • For this is not Arthur's quest, it is yours. Arthur thinks the prize is the trident. But the real prize... is something far greater *puddle*
  • I'm torturing myself, here
  • Cotton Candy with alcohol. David Tutera, the things you do to my teeth
  • My sister just used Charlie as a bouquet to practice her wedding walk. I'm sorry, @sweet_clockwork
  • My world just came crashing down around me. Half my family hates all things British humor. Someone take me away
  • YESSS! You guys make everything OK anyway! RT @ThoseVideoGuys: @Jabber_Moose hey you will like the next TVG - British week!
  • I just realized that on the business card for the vet, it says DVM for all the vets, then DMV. LMFAO
  • Just had an entire family sing along with that song about 10 min ago RT @Lisadwan: When Winston Churchill wa… (cont) http://deck.ly/~y4ONl
  • So...basically... #SharkTank is the BBC's #DragonsDen. America, you've done it again. Work on your own shows, kay?
  • Pepsi Max commercial, how dare you make me smile. You son of a bitch, you play dirty
  • .@SharkGoddess It's not fair. Here i am, trying to maintain my sulk, and @dicksp8jr has to pop up on my TV during a perfectly good glower
  • Just finished reading @BSchuler's blog from @WyTVLive's internet-breaking @charliesheen ustream http://bit.ly/hANcX1
  • RT @ChadLindberg: This Wed it's Supernatural and I Spit on Your Grave's @ChadLindberg on The @JimmyStarShow live! Mar 9 2011 http://www. ...

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